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Photos & Gallery

  • Click anywhere on the photo and make sure it has a blue frame around it. (You may have to double click to only change the photo. ex. Home Page About Photo)

  • You may see photos listed as "Change Strip Background," "Change Column Background," or "Change Section Background"

  • Click "Image." This will take you to your Media folder. If you haven't already done so, upload your materials into Wix from here and add your desired photo.


    • If the image cuts off a portion of your photo, there are a few things to try. Click again on "change background" and go to Settings. From here, try positioning the photo to show more of your face. If this doesn't work, hit the Adjust button (icon next to Settings)  and crop the original photo to take away excess to upload again.

    • ​You can adjust the scroll settings by clicking the icon next to the "change background" button and add or take away Parallax effect.​

    • Some photos have an overlay. If you want to keep this or have trouble seeing text, click Settings and adjust the Image Opacity & Color behind image.

  • Click on the Wix Pro Gallery and go to Manage Media.

  • Delete the stock photos and add in your own!

  • Update the Title and Description, don't forget to add the photographer!


  • Click anywhere on the text until it has a blue frame surrounding. Click Edit Text.

  • Copy / Paste your information! If the container doesn't automatically adjust, simply click the container to make it longer. You may need to drag and drop things to re-center them. Ideal bio size for the homepage is around 150 words.

Documents (Press Kit)

  • Upload your Press Kit as a PDF to your Media Folder. Make sure your name is included in the document file title!

  • Click the Press Kit Button, find the chain link symbol and click. Upload your document from there! Don't forget to re-upload when you update your materials!

Schedule Page

  • DUPLICATE is your best friend on this page! :)

  • If you need to add more events to this section, Duplicate the section and it will automatically add a copy below. Fill in your new information from there!

  • Don't forget to add the appropriate link for Tickets & Info!

Audio & Video

  • Click on the Wix Video Player and go to Manage Videos.

  • In your Video Library, go to Add Videos in the corner. 

  • You can either upload a video directly or upload a URL link from another source!

  • Once the video uploads, click the pencil icon to add in the video information.

  • If your videos need to be reordered, there is a link for Channels on the left side menu or in your Video Library.

  • For AUDIO, click the audio player and go to Change Track

  • From here, you can either upload an individual track, or upload a URL link from another source!

  • Update the Track Details to reflect the correct information

SEO Basics 

  • In the upper left corner, there is a Page Menu. Click here and go to Manage Pages.

  • Click the 3 dots/circle icon and update the Title Tag and the Meta Description. The most simplified meta description can be "This is the official website of [insert name, voice type here]"

  • Update this for each page.

  • Then go to the Social Share tab and upload your preferred photo. This will pop up when you share your website on social media!


Any time you update your website, always check the mobile version as well!

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